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Citlali De Santiago
Founder and CEO

As a mother of a toddler and a baby, I decided to open a daycare facility to provide income for my family, spend time with my growing children, and put my skills as a caregiver to good use. Before starting my family, I was working in a daycare facility for three years with children aged 5-months to 5-years old. After that, I also worked as a nanny for a little over ten months.

My confirmation of wanting to continue to develop my caregiving skills was after taking a child development class at City College. Even after facing the challenges of being a new mother, I am certain that a daycare is the right path for my family. At the moment, I am working on a behavioral management and nutrition certification, and once I finish my current courses, I will shift my focus and continue my education at City College.

My unique background and experience in caregiving allow me to provide a daycare experience unlike many others. Here at Manitas Exploradoras, you can expect a bilingual caregiver in both English and Spanish, a free play structure that promotes creativity and development, enrichment activities that foster healthy and balanced growth, and the peace of mind knowing your children are being looked after by a real mother.

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